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Minimalist's Declassified Decluttering Guide

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Whether you're preparing for a move or hoping to start 2021 with a fresh and clutter free space, here are a few tips for cleaning out your closet and wardrobe.

Have a plan before you start

It's a great idea to start your decluttering process with a plan in order to not be overwhelmed. You can either take it slow and get rid of pieces one at a time, or pull out every item of your wardrobe and go through the mountain if you are more adventurous. A good plan going forward that I personally stick with is to replace an article of clothing I recently bought with a similar item I would get rid of (usually worn less often).

Being a minimalist is not about owning a set number of clothing and wearing rags. The main goal is to keep things that you use and wear regularly. Depending on the individual, minimalists can have a wide range of the number of clothing in their closet, as there is no definitive rule. However, the most efficient practice to follow for beginner minimalists is to build a capsule wardrobe. Sticking to the basics that never go out of style and look great in any combination is a great way to counteract against the unethical fast fashion industry.

Donate your decluttered items to Living Room Store

Once you're ready to donate your loved items, what better place is there than to drop them off at Living Room Store when you're in town? Not only does your donation help with the environmental impact for the planet, but it does a lot more. All of the profits generated by our reliable store are sent to over 12 different non profit organizations across 5 different countries monthly (excluding rent).

The large thrift store corporations such as Profit Suburb always misdirect their customers into believing they are a charitable non profit, but are far from one. They ship more waste and unwanted items to landfills in third world countries rather than help them. Plus you can refresh your look with a new outfit from our unique boutique thrift store that you'll look absolutely stunning in!

What are some other methods you used that helped you declutter? Leave a comment down below.

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