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We are a Thrift Store on a Mission

Located at Five Corners in the heart of White Rock, Living Room Store has been serving countless happy customers for 45 years and counting. Established in 1975 by pastors Verne and Marge Wilson (of what was then White Rock Christian Fellowship) the Living Room Store has been a key contributor to various local and global organizations.


Today, the Living Room Store strives to provide a warm, comfortable environment for our customers in a unique, polished, boutique style thrift store that can be counted on to provide a good quality product at low discounted prices and excellence in customer service.  The boutique thrift store is run by dedicated, friendly volunteers, who are active members of the community. We thank you for your continued patronage; together, we are changing the world!

Please scroll through our gallery of organizations below where the Living Room Store has been a key contributor.

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